ac's blog was the campaign website for the Cruz/Espaldon Gubernatorial campaign in 2010. After an initial meeting, we were given the following tasks:

  • Create a fully functional website from an already-made design
  • Provide the ability for multiple editors to update the website
  • Create a gallery/media feature
  • Create a blog feature

After completing the original tasks, we added a couple more features:


Experiment GG is Guam's exclusive New Media outlet made for the people of Guam. Gecko Labs has created a platform to integrate data from various sources and is working to visualize the information so that it becomes a useful part of Guam's busy lifestyle.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to Twitter
We developed an automatic feed that reads from any RSS feed to a Twitter account. This system creates a way of delivering Twitter updates without changing your current system. This approach to New Media will minimize any duplication of effort and maximize efficiency, as well as ensure that your readers receive their updates via Twitter.